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“It’s Mine!”―Ways to Teach Your Young Ones About Sharing

A two-year-old and four-year-old receiving child care in Riverdale, New York both chanced upon a pile of toys. The younger kid picked up two trains. But rather than pick up any of the remaining toys, the older kid reached over … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Use Reading to Increase a Preschooler’s Language Skills

Language is the key to communication. While toddlers can already learn words at their age, you can, in fact, help them learn some more. Thankfully, kids’ brains are more accommodating of information than when they’re older. It’s ideal then to … Continue reading

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Nurturing the Love for Reading in Your Preschoolers

Words are everywhere. They are in road signs, books, banners, and more. The ability to read is a life skill that will surely benefit any person. It is always best to expose your kids to reading activities, especially when they … Continue reading

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5 Parenting Tips: Teaching Your Child to Handle Rejection

Can you still remember the first time you felt rejected? Perhaps, you can’t. But you can definitely remember the feeling of rejection. Unfortunately, our kids will not be exempted from this painful episode. In fact, as parents, you may even … Continue reading

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3 Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from a Summer Camp

We all have that one summer that can change our lives. Whether it is a trip abroad or doing something we have never done before. Imagine, if your five-year-old goes on that one or two-day camp away from home. What … Continue reading

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Be a Good Role Model

“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement, and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.” -Bob Keeshan As a parent, you have the … Continue reading

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Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp: A Dash of Fun and a Pint of Learning

Summer is the perfect time to rest and relax. Most students and young children normally start learning something new during summer. After all, summer is also considered the perfect time to learn and acquire new skills and hobbies. This is … Continue reading

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Teaching Preschool? Challenge Accepted

School is a necessary but undeniably difficult endeavor. It is not a surprise that many kids and parents alike find it so much of a challenge that they exhaust all efforts to make the start much easier for the young … Continue reading

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When Jewish Education and Preschool Education Meets

By witnessing the struggles and the different dilemmas in the community, the pressing and anticipating questions are: What can the future generation do? What will become of them? Will they make a big and positive difference to our world? We … Continue reading

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10 Best Reasons Why Your Kids Should Be in Pre-school

While many parents are satisfied with their decision to send their kids to preschool, some parents still feel reluctant about the idea. Of course, as parents, you will have a hard time trusting anyone to take care of your little … Continue reading

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