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Daycare in Manhattan, New York

Helping Tots and Preschoolers Grieve

No responsible parents want to tell their kids receiving quality child care in Riverdale, New York that a special person in their lives is on the brink of death or is dead. Youngsters live in a world filled with superhero … Continue reading

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Books That Can Help Build Biracial Kids’ Self-Esteem

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and a 2015 Pew Research finding, interracial marriages have become more common over the past decade. In spite of this reality, many people still seem to find it surprising when they see parents with … Continue reading

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What Do Your Kids Get Out of Attending Summer Camps? (Part Two)

As a quality preschool in Manhattan, New York, we have encountered many parents (and even guardians!) who are concerned about whether or not sending their little ones to summer camps can benefit their charges at all. If you are one … Continue reading

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What Do Your Kids Get Out of Attending Summer Camps? (Part One)

Many parents believe that sending their children to a summer camp in Briarwood, New York does not benefit their little ones at all. Well, let us set the record straight: there are several benefits that your young kids can get … Continue reading

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Toys and Your Kids: The Kinds of Toys They Really Need (Part One)

Parents are usually inundated with advertisements for toys and games that are meant to catch the attention of their children. These playthings oftentimes involve the latest technological advances or are spin-offs from the most recent edition of a popular video … Continue reading

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Strategies for Surviving Holiday Travel with Your Kids

Traveling is a must for people who live far away and are looking forward to spending the holidays with the rest of their family members. However, many individuals consider traveling with their little ones as one of the “worst things … Continue reading

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Family Travel Tips on How to Survive the Holidays with Your Kids

Many people consider traveling with their kids a hassle. In reality, it need not be that way. Going away for the holidays with the entire family (including your rambunctious kids) can actually become one of the best moments you will … Continue reading

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“It’s Mine!”―Ways to Teach Your Young Ones About Sharing

A two-year-old and four-year-old receiving child care in Riverdale, New York both chanced upon a pile of toys. The younger kid picked up two trains. But rather than pick up any of the remaining toys, the older kid reached over … Continue reading

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5 Steps to Use Reading to Increase a Preschooler’s Language Skills

Language is the key to communication. While toddlers can already learn words at their age, you can, in fact, help them learn some more. Thankfully, kids’ brains are more accommodating of information than when they’re older. It’s ideal then to … Continue reading

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Nurturing the Love for Reading in Your Preschoolers

Words are everywhere. They are in road signs, books, banners, and more. The ability to read is a life skill that will surely benefit any person. It is always best to expose your kids to reading activities, especially when they … Continue reading

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