4 Tips: Memory-Enhancing Practices for Your Kids

4 Tips Memory-Enhancing Practices for Your Kids

Good memories are life’s treats. Bad memories are, well, let’s just say, unhealthy. But we are gifted with memories to help us cherish the good ones and forget the bad ones. For your preschooler, having a sharp memory is ideal when you want them to obey your instructions or to stay safe. You see, you can give them instructions for washing their hands before eating, brushing their teeth after meals, or what to do when they hurt themselves.

Being a nursery preschool in Riverdale NY, we would like to spill the beans on memory-enhancing activities for preschool-age children. While these are not exactly long-held secrets, we have found these activities helpful in developing our pupils’ memory skills. So, take these memory-sharpening tips handy at home:

  1. Set up routines they can follow.
    As you know, routines are regular practices that can easily get into one’s system no matter the age. Naturally, if you want your kid to remember something, you have to integrate it into their daily routine. For instance, give their vitamins right after they change clothes after taking a bath. This way, they will tell you they haven’t taken their vitamins yet if you happen to forget it.
  2. Play with them in memory games.
    If you have enrolled your kid in Upper East Side daycare in New York, you can play memory games by asking about their lessons. If your kid has a favorite story in class, you can ask them about the characters in the story, what happens at the end, and other related questions.
  3. Show them how things are done.
    It’s also helpful to increase their memory if they can associate you with it. When you demonstrate to them how some things are done, they will do exactly as you did it. Preschoolers can already help out in setting the table, for instance. You can show them how to arrange the plates, where to put the spoon or fork, and how to position the glasses. When you let them do it themselves, prepare to be delighted.
  4. Let them share about their experiences.
    Of course, nothing beats narrating one’s own experience. If your kid can tell you about the happenings at school or what they have experienced at the zoo, then you can guarantee this experience has been sealed in their memory. To sharpen this situation, better ask them yourselves. This could also work for kids who are more silent-type and you would want to be really sure if they remembered anything.

As parents, you will discover a lot of gems in your kid’s life once you assist them in sharpening their memory. These are only tips we have shared based on our professional experience with kids as a preschool and daycare in Briarwood NY. But if you would like your child to have more worthwhile experiences to remember while out of your home, let them spend time with other kids their age. Enroll them at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp where programs and activities are designed not just to suit their age but to also encourage them to learn in the context of fun.

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