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Ways to Help Preschoolers Handle Separation Anxiety

The first day of preschool is usually met with a combination of anxiety and excitement for both parents and children alike. Although there are preschoolers who find it fun to be considered “big kids” and to embark on a new … Continue reading

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What Your Kids Must Know Prior to Starting Preschool

Every parent wants their youngsters to have a strong start in life. In line with this noble mission, they enroll their kids in a quality preschool in Manhattan, New York to provide their children with a solid foundation for future … Continue reading

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Safety Tips for When Decorating with Your Kids for the Holidays

Back in 2015, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated that around 14,000 injuries occurred as a result of holiday decorating. While we at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp understand that twinkly lights, holiday trees, and other festive ornaments … Continue reading

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How Does Promoting a Love of the Great Outdoors Benefit Your Children?

Ask any child attending a summer camp in Briarwood, New York and they will most likely tell you, with gleaming eyes and gleeful faces, that the great outdoors is practically the perfect place to play in. However, that’s not all. … Continue reading

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4 Tips: Memory-Enhancing Practices for Your Kids

Good memories are life’s treats. Bad memories are, well, let’s just say, unhealthy. But we are gifted with memories to help us cherish the good ones and forget the bad ones. For your preschooler, having a sharp memory is ideal … Continue reading

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