Daycare Center vs Kindergarten: What’s the Difference?

Daycare Center vs Kindergarten: What's the Difference?

Many people think that daycare center and kindergarten are one and the same. That’s not the case. These two institutions are completely different from each other. Before you go and bring your child to a nursery preschool in Riverdale, NY, here are some differences that you should learn about. We hope that these will help you decide where to enroll your child.

Operating Hours

For kindergartens, their operating hours are based on the normal operating hours of elementary schools. Some kindergartens have a half-day program, while others may have a three-hour or four-hour program. On the other hand, daycare centers are known for having extended operating hours. They can cover a half-day program for older kids as well as a full-day program for toddlers and babies.

Learning Activities

The learning activities vary greatly between the two institutions. For kindergartens, the learning activities are subject-based and are designed to promote a child’s academic skills. Children attending kindergarten will have to study core academic subjects such as arts and science, reading, and math. As for daycare centers, what they offer are age-appropriate activities focused on the development of a child’s emotional, social, and cognitive aspects.

Teaching Staff

Since the learning activities offered by the two institutions differ from each other, there are differences when it comes to the teaching staff. Kindergarten teachers organize their learning activities in accordance to the school curriculum appropriate for children four to five years of age. They are required to possess a certification for elementary education. As for daycare center teachers, their skills mostly lean toward child care. Moreover, they don’t necessarily need to get a certification unless required by their employee. If they are required to get a certification, it will be for early childhood education and not elementary education.

Child Care

Speaking of child care, daycare centers primarily focus on this service. The offered childcare services can take care of infants and toddlers in a full-day program, as well as older children in a half-day program. On the other hand, kindergartens don’t offer this service at all.

Looking closely, kindergartens and daycare centers are two completely different institutions. However, it is a fact that both institutions involve children below five or six years of age. If you are looking for an Upper East Side daycare in New York, then we got you covered. Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp can take care of your child for you. Give us a call at 212-750-2266.

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