How Does Promoting a Love of the Great Outdoors Benefit Your Children?

Ask any child attending a summer camp in Briarwood, New York and they will most likely tell you, with gleaming eyes and gleeful faces, that the great outdoors is practically the perfect place to play in.

However, that’s not all. While playing outside can indeed be a blast for preschoolers, outdoor adventures aren’t just frivolous fun. We at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp have listed down some benefits that your kids can reap from their time outside:

  • Full-on sensory experience.
    Children receiving child care in Riverdale, New York usually acquire a full-on sensory experience from their outdoor adventures. After all, they get to touch different textures, breathe in a range of smells, hear the various sounds filling nature, and see its lights, shadows, and beauty. Researchers have even discovered that kids performed better on exams after nature walks since connecting with nature helped engage all their senses.
  • Healthy kids with improved creativity, social skills, and cognitive functions.
    Kids who go to a preschool in Manhattan, New York are known to engage in active play outdoors. In effect, they have a decreased risk of obesity as well as an increased vitamin D intake. Being outside also fires up their imagination and empowers them to be themselves. Furthermore, they develop critical thinking skills, an improved attention span, and a sense of wonder as they connect with nature, all of which will carry over to several other aspects of their life.
  • Motor masters.
    Kids can be loud outside and are free to move wildly with less restraint. This helps them become more comfortable with their bodies’ physical abilities.
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