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104 Days of Summer Vacation: Finding a Good Way to Spend It

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For most children, summer provides the much needed respite from school and other academic activities. But for some, especially the younger ones, it is an opportunity to enjoy and to learn new things while preparing for primary education. Studies show that children who are enrolled directly in kindergarten without any prior preparation are much less likely to feel enthusiastic about going to school or any school activity in general.

What are the activities that we can do with kids this summer that will help them prepare for their academic path?

First, play games. Play games that you learn something from. You can always stage an A to Z Treasure Hunt where the ultimate goal is to collect items that start with every letter in the alphabet. This will hone their initiative and make them familiar with the letters.

Another fun activity would be visiting a museum or having picnic at a state park. Not only will you be exposing them to knowledge and facts, you will also allow them to interact with people. As we all know, building a strong communication skill set should start at a very young age.

Encourage them to be creative and imaginative. Help them make forts out of package boxes. If you have a tree nearby, help them create a tree house that they can decorate and have fun in. You can also have them pick up shells from the beach and create crafts like necklaces and bracelets.

As children, it is also important that they are capable of doing simple chores at home. Ask them to hand over the towel or other safe tools in the kitchen. This will allow you to bond and interact with them as well as impart knowledge that doing the chores does not have to be much of a chore.

Your child’s education is important to us. We know that building a strong foundation early in their academic careers will send them on a steadfast trajectory of learning. We have the right programs for a preschool in Manhattan, New York. Come visit us now at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp.

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