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3 Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from a Summer Camp

3 Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from a Summer Camp
We all have that one summer that can change our lives. Whether it is a trip abroad or doing something we have never done before. Imagine, if your five-year-old goes on that one or two-day camp away from home. What do you think they can learn from it?

Being away from parents is not an easy feat for your toddlers. It means that they will be in a place wherein they are not familiar with and anyone is quite scary for them. Some kids learn from this experience while others will take some time before they can fully adjust to a new environment.

As one of the centers for summer camps and Nursery Preschool in Riverdale NY, Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp has witnessed how our young ones can grow within just a few days in camp. And the things they learn has a great impact on their lives.

Here are some common life lessons that your child will learn from our summer camp:

  • Independence at a Young Age

    One of the biggest goals of summer camps is to teach children independence and meet new friends. Our five-year-olds may still be very dependent on us when it comes to personal care. They want their moms to feed them and change their clothes even though they can already slowly manage it on their own. Other kids did not have their potty training yet and that makes it difficult to go to the restroom without the help of their moms. Sending your child to a camp means they have to do things alone. Although there are camp counselors available, they pretty much have to do things on their own. They will have to keep their beds after they wake up and they have to be mindful of the meal and preparation time as there are scheduled activities during the day. In a way, camps teach kids to structure their day with activities and know how to do things on their own.

  • Learning comes in different forms

    When we talk about camps, it is not just about playing and building bonfires at night. The games and activities are prepared to have some underlying lessons to it. For instance, the nature trail activity or the treasure hunt inspired activities, they do not just do it for the sake of having an activity. It sometimes activates the child’s logical skills and their ability to follow instructions. Another activity that promotes life learning is when children will know how to build a fire from scratch. This tests their ability to make use of what they have and work together as a team. It helps them achieve something when they really put their heart and mind into it.

  • You learn how to become a part of a team

    Perhaps the common learning that our children get from Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp located in Upper East Side Daycare in New York is that they gain more friends after the camp. This is one important lesson that everyone has to learn. Socializing is a human trait that we need. We need people and we need to make friends. But beyond the friendship, we should also know how to treat our friends and work with them to accomplish tasks. Being able to adjust to different personalities is helpful as it is something that you will take with you until you grow up.

These are just some of the things that you can learn from a summer camp. We are sure that if you ask your child what they learned from it, they can tell you so much more.

It’s spring right now but, summer is just right around the corner. Do you plan to join our camp? All the boys and girls are invited as we cater to pre-schoolers to prepare them for the next level. For reservations and queries, you can leave a comment below or visit our office!

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