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5 Parenting Tips: Teaching Your Child to Handle Rejection

5 Parenting Tips: Teaching Your Child to Handle Rejection
Can you still remember the first time you felt rejected? Perhaps, you can’t. But you can definitely remember the feeling of rejection. Unfortunately, our kids will not be exempted from this painful episode. In fact, as parents, you may even have to intentionally reject some of their requests because you know what’s better for them.

Strengthening values for children is one of the life skills we hope our students at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp will develop. From our professional experience in handling different types of children, we offer the following tips in helping your child cope with rejection:

  • Acknowledge their feelings.

    Empathize with your child that rejection is painful. When you say “no” to their requests, it’s crucial that you can also explain to them that you acknowledge how your rejection can be frustrating or painful. Most importantly, use comforting and gentle words. Your gentleness will be like balms to their wounded feelings.

  • Admit that failure is normal.

    Early on, your child can benefit from the knowledge that failure is normal. Nursery preschools in Riverdale NY provide programs that recognize the child’s limitations and still accept them as they are. Activities such as music, dancing, and reading allow children to experience mistakes and still learn from these.

  • Encourage them to try again.

    Nothing is more beautiful than knowing there’s always a chance. Whenever your child experiences rejection or failure, encourage them to try again especially if they show interest in doing so. Our premier Preschool and Daycare in Briarwood NY holds special programs for kids that empower them to try and try again.

  • Focus on the kid’s effort.

    When you hear your child stuttering in reciting the counting numbers, praise them for the effort they exerted. Soon enough, they can see that failure and rejection can be overcome by strong character.

  • Let the child decide.

    Rejection is your opportunity to empower the child. After validating their feelings, provide them good options and let them decide. Then, assure them that they’ll have your support whatever happens to what they’ve chosen.

At Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, we desire better than for your child to grow into their optimum potential. Aside from the usual reading, writing, and mathematics program every child is supposed to learn, we expand our curriculum so that your child will not just intellectually ready, but also emotionally and socially able.

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