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5 Steps to Use Reading to Increase a Preschooler’s Language Skills


Language is the key to communication. While toddlers can already learn words at their age, you can, in fact, help them learn some more. Thankfully, kids’ brains are more accommodating of information than when they’re older. It’s ideal then to take advantage of this phase and help them acquire helpful and good information. This is how their language develops. The more they know about something, the more they can take note of that item and learn to speak it and use it to convey a message.

One of our programs as a preschool and daycare in Briarwood NY involves reading. It’s not just reading once but reading repeatedly. Gladly, reading is also an effective tool in enhancing a preschooler’s language skills, and, therefore, their communication abilities. Let us show you how:

  1. Introduce a book.

    Start off by introducing a book to your kid along with its authors, story, and some relevant information. If you like, you can even tell them that it’s your favorite story as a kid. This introduction can let them mentally take note of new words.

  2. Read the book using some props.

    When you read the book the next time, use some props. Your improvised props can make the story more entertaining and visual learners can develop association. It can also help them patch up parts of the story in case they have not been listening well the first time.

  3. Let children predict events in the book.

    When you read the book the third time, you can ask them about what happens next in the story. This way, you can gauge if they have been listening, how much their memory recall is, and what new words they are learning. This is also an ideal time to teach them word pronunciation as necessary.

  4. Let children read the book.

    If you got your child in a class at Upper East Side daycare in New York, they might have probably started in their reading skills. So you can try and let them read the story themselves while you’re listening. If they can’t read that much yet, you can ask an older sibling or your partner to read it to them. Letting another person do the reading could give them a different take, and, therefore, fresh vocabulary from the story.

  5. Let preschoolers roleplay the book’s story.

    If your kid has heard the story for at least five times already, you can be creative as to let them do a roleplay. When your kid enacts the story themselves, you can hear them speak out lines from the story, which help you evaluate how much of language they have already acquired.

Our programs at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp are always geared towards the overall enhancement of your kid. If you’re intent in preparing your child through a nursery preschool in Riverdale NY, don’t hesitate to request for a school tour from us. We would love to show you around the center.

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