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Anxious Child? 2 Ways to Get Your Little One Excited for Preschool


It is not an uncommon scene to see kids clinging on to their mothers as they are dropped off for Nursery Preschool in Riverdale NY. Many kids cry as they arrive at school and stare at the direction where they last saw their parents. To parents and teachers, it may seem like a challenge that they have to overcome but for children, it is perceived as a very big situation and perhaps even to a life or death case for them. We cannot blame kids for making a very big deal out of these circumstances. They are young human beings who count on their safety and survival to familiar face and places. But what could you do? Should you hush their fears off by not sending them to Preschool and Daycare in Briarwood NY? Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp don’t think so. There are many ways you can help your child beat his anxiety about coming to school.

  • Be Excited
    You need to be in it with them as well. Most parents do their morning routines or other responsibilities so nonchalantly. You might even be repressing annoyance, anger, or hesitance as you perform your duties. Especially for children who do not have everything figured out, they somewhat just rely on subtle cues that they cannot describe. If you are secretly irritated or unwilling, they can feel those. If you start your day barely talking to your children and just directly preparing them their meals and helping them get ready, they would not feel the comfort and security to face the world on. You should talk to them as in make conversations, make them feel comfortable, make them feel loved, and make them feel that you got their back. If you meet your children’s belonging and safety needs at home, then they would take that with them as they attend preschool in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, or any other areas in New York City.
  • Be Involved
    One of the reasons parents send their 2 to 5-year-old kids to preschool is not only about education but to have time for themselves either to attend to all other chores at home or to be able to go to work. Consequently, the kids’ preschool world and the home become two different places – the one more alien than the other. Children are not very good with adjustments. If the school keeps making them feel like something so big that they have to take on by themselves, it could stress them out at their fragile age and may even cause further psychosocial issues. Preschool does not have to be that taxing. You could help your children have an easy transition between preschool and home by talking to them about the Upper East Side Daycare in New York while they are at home and helping them out or reviewing the lessons they learned that day.
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