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Be a Good Role Model

Be a Good Role Model
“Parents are the ultimate role models for children. Every word, movement, and action has an effect. No other person or outside force has a greater influence on a child than the parent.” -Bob Keeshan

As a parent, you have the responsibility of raising your child to be a respectful human being, but you can’t just expect your young one to automatically know how to behave. Children need someone to show them how to conduct themselves. Be the good role model that your child needs. Your young child looks up to you, so be the person you want them to be when they grow up and lead the life that you want them to live.

  • Be Respectful

    It is important to treat everything and everyone with respect. Show your child what being respectful looks like. When going out to eat at a restaurant, treat your waiter with respect. When checking out of the grocery store, treat the cashier with respect. When in the house, treat your family with respect. Show your child that all people deserve to be treated the same, no matter their status, their looks, or their beliefs. Treat everyone the way that you want to be treated. When you show other people respect, there is a high chance they will respect you back.

  • Be Patient

    As the saying goes, patience is a virtue. In this day and age, everything needs to happen right away. People want immediate satisfaction; sitting and waiting is becoming difficult to do. It is easy to get frustrated, irritated, and angry when things don’t go the way you planned it, but try to hold your tongue and remain calm. Display patience to your child. To be patient is to understand and to have a sense of self-control. If your child does something wrong, don’t yell at them. Try to be patient. Not only will you be setting a good example for your child, you will also be growing in patience yourself.

  • Be Confident

    Hold your head high, puff your chest out, and exude confidence. As the time goes by, with your example, love, and care, your young one’s confidence levels will grow. Their self-confidence will help them make friends, nail job interviews, and ultimately make them successful in the future.

  • Be Honest

    Honesty is a valuable trait that every child should acquire. Being honest with your kiddo won’t just encourage them to be honest with you, it will strengthen your bond. Teach them how to trust you, too. Your young one will learn that although it is hard to be honest sometimes, it is better than lying. If you show your child how to lead an honest life, when they grow up, those around them won’t have a hard time trusting them.

Our staff at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp knows that young children are like sponges; they tend to soak everything up, so we will be good role models for your child. Our preschool classes are for children 2 to 5 years of age. If you are located in the Upper East Side of New York, Nursery Preschool in Riverdale, NY or Briarwood, New York, enroll your kiddo today. You can trust us to be good examples for your child.

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