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Can Music Benefit Young Children?


Music is not only an art, but it is also a wonderful learning tool. Children who learn how to play music at a young age do a lot better in their academic studies compared to children who do not play music. There is a number of perks that can come from learning how to play music at a young age. Here are just some of the advantages your child can enjoy:

  • Improved Academics
  • Music can help your children in a number of classes at school, such as math and science. The reason for this is because music is a total brain workout. It can improve mental awareness, enhance memory, and reduce anxiety. It can also improve moods and sleep, and much more! This is a really great way to help give your child a head start in school!

  • Form of Expression
  • Many children have a hard time expressing how they feel. Through music, they are able to express their emotions without having to say a word. This is a wonderful outlet for your child to vent, or to release stress. When children are young, they may have a difficult time trying to tell you how they feel. This could be because they have a hard time talking, or they just cannot find the right words. But through an instrument, they can express exactly how they feel through beautiful music.

  • It is Fun
  • Not only is music a great educational tool and a form of expression, but it is just simply fun. Your child will no doubt enjoy playing music from many different genres! This is a skill and passion that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is why Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp aims to provide your child the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument.

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