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Can the Environment Really Affect Your Child’s Development?


Do you believe that the environment where you live in or even the school that your child goes to has a long-term effect on the development of your young ones? Perhaps you agree with this and some of you might not agree with it. But several studies have shown that the kind of place where your child lives in will really have an impact as to their outlook on life, as well as on their basis of right and wrong.

The kind of environment we have will not just affect the beliefs of the child but it will also determine on how the child will behave when they are in a crowd. Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp has a unique environment that can either contribute to the child’s growth positively or negatively.

To answer the question on whether the environment can affect child’s development, here are some things you may consider:

Your child learns in almost everything they encounter
Parents have the instinct of teaching all the good things to their child. As much as possible we want to nurture our child with only positive things and show them that everything is good. We send them to good and expensive schools so that they will only get the best education.

But despite this, we still end up seeing them misbehaving or even fighting with other kids. This happens because of the kind of environment that our kids are exposed to. For example, the moment we leave our child in school, they might see their friends playing in the playground so they would do the same. If they see their classmate pulling the hair of another and find it funny, they might do the same because it is fun.

As teachers and parents, we cannot avoid these things to happen. The best thing that we can do is to let our child realize the right and the wrong. When we see them doing something wrong, we should tell them that what they did is bad. We should let them know while they are still young how to distinguish right from wrong and the consequences of doing such bad things.

A supportive family can greatly influence the character of the child
Among all the influences in a child’s development, the family has the biggest impact on them all. If you show your child the affection and love, they will most likely feel secure by themselves. They are not prone to misbehaving and bullying because they are loved. This greatly differs when it comes to children who are constantly scolded by parents or they do not get the attention they need from their parents.

That is why in our preschool, we promote a strong tie among the parents, preschoolers, and teachers. Collaboration among the families and the schools can help monitor the child’s performance in school. Moreover, the two biggest influences on the child can work hand in hand in molding the kid into the best that they can be.

Indeed, the environment has a major impact on child growth. If it gives a positive impact on the child, then we just strive to give them the best. But if the environment happens to be toxic to the child’s growth, we must do something to mold the child to someone good. That is the challenge that is given to us as teachers and secondary parents of the child.

For more questions about preschool education and child development, just call Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, a Preschool in Riverdale New York. You can also visit our other branch of Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, our partner Preschool in Briarwood, New York. For details, you can visit www.renanimmanhattanpreschool.com or call us at 212-750-2266.

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