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Does your Preschooler Love Math? Here’s what you Can Do

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Forget the flashcards and re-evaluate how you feel about math. You are looking to introduce Mathematics concepts to your preschooler with as much energy and as little pressure as possible. When you enjoy numbers and show to him the role of math in his daily life, he will have the motivation to learn. Below are some activities that you can do at home to help your child love math as he goes to a preschool in Riverdale, New York.

Be Optimistic

Never allow your own issues with match influence the way you introduce the numbers of world to him. There has been a complete overhaul of how to teach math to kids. For instance, teachers today stress making the connection between math concepts and real world activities. Children will understand that this subject helps them in developing great problem-solving skills. Children see learning match as fun.

Use Math Daily

Allow your child to see the significance of math skills in your everyday life and how frequently you make use of it. As you pay bills, measure out ingredients for a recipe or measure a room to get new furniture, ask him to help. Point out to him how builders, pharmacies, astronauts and doctors use math in their jobs. These activities reinforce the usefulness of math in life.

Broaden Math Boundaries

Mathematics is not only about numbers. It is also about noticing patterns, identifying shapes and making comparisons. Developing these skills early on allows your child to grasp more complex numerical concepts and geometry easily in the near future.

Ask Questions

As you calculate sums at a department store, at home or at a furniture shop, Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp recommends thinking out loud. For instance, you can involve him in a problem-solving situation as he asks for cookies during a play date. Encourage him to figure out the answer by himself; however, urge him to think out loud. Working through the steps to get the answer is more important to get the right answer.

Allow him to Use a Calculator

Children tend to love gadgets and subtracting and adding on a calculator can be an exciting way for your child to learn to manipulate numbers. Also, you will introduce him to a tool that he will use in school one day. And even if he is too young to have an understanding of what is happening with the calculator, this may occupy him for a long time.

Play Math Games around your Home

Nothing can be more engaging that letting your child play with numbers with other members of the family at home. These games can include sorting objects by size, color and shape as well as recognizing patterns and groups.

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