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Four Awesome Ways to Prepare your Child for Preschool

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For any child, adjusting to preschool can be difficult. It is imperative to keep preparation time fun. At his age, learning must not be chore. You will wish your child to feel like each activity is a lesson or each outing an educational field trip. You can help in easing the transition of your child to preschool with the ideas below.

Plan More Social Activities

Every preschooler has to get along with other children. When your child has not spent enough time with other children, then activities like taking turns, sharing, and playing cooperatively will not be easy. Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp advises to help him get used to engaging in a group by arranging play dates with a peer or two or letting him attend a tumbling or music class.

Offer Him a Sense of what to Expect

It is very rare for a child not to be at least a bit anxious about starting preschool. You can resist the temptation by saying things such as “There is nothing to be afraid of,” or It will be the most fun you will ever have.” Do not belittle the concerns or fears of your child. Rather, help calm his fears using information.

Spend time talking to him about what he can expect if he gets to school. Before school starts, check the classroom with him at least once. Also, there are stories about starting school that you can read to him.

Create a Parting Ritual

When it’s your child first time to be away from you, you can expect him to have lots of worries like whether or not you will come back and pick him up. Come up with a parting ritual that you will do whenever you drop him off. This can be as simple as a high-five or saying something such as you will see him long before the moon smiles at him.

During the first few days at preschool, give him time to get ready. When things are calm at home, the separation can be easier. And never sneak out once you drop him off at a preschool in Manhattan, New York. Rather, make a point of saying goodbye.

Read to Him Daily

The majority of preschool classes have a minimum of one reading period every day. To make this a familiar ritual, set aside a 15-minute reading time with him. Kids without early experiences with books usually find it difficult to read later.

As preschoolers do not independently read, they have to learn to listen. To help him develop listening skills, read aloud to him. Stories that have rhythm are quite engaging so find books which repeat phrases. As he begins to remember phrases, consider asking him to read with you.

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