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Helping Tots and Preschoolers Grieve

Helping Tots and Preschoolers Grieve

No responsible parents want to tell their kids receiving quality child care in Riverdale, New York that a special person in their lives is on the brink of death or is dead. Youngsters live in a world filled with superhero fantasies and imaginative play, and that’s where doting parents would like for them to stay. But if only it were that easy in real life, right? Sometimes, parents have no choice but to force their kids out of their little worlds of imagination and back into the painful realities of life.

As a superb summer camp in Briarwood, New York, trust us when we say that you cannot always protect your young ones from the pain of loss. However, you can help them feel safe and build healthy coping skills for the grief they presently feel, as well as for any possible negative experience in the future. Keep in mind these suggestions from our staff:

  • Use simple, clear words when imparting the news of the death of a loved one or a beloved pet animal. Make sure to approach your children attending a preschool in Manhattan, New York in a caring manner before breaking out the news. Pause to give them a moment to digest what you’re saying, too.

  • Every young one reacts differently to learning about the death or the critical status of a beloved person or pet. So, be sure to stay with your kids. Patiently answer any question they may have and offer hugs and reassurance if need be.

  • Put emotions into your words. Encourage your little ones to express their innermost thoughts and feelings in the days or months following the loss. Talking about your own feelings also helps them to be aware of their own emotions and be comfortable with what they are feeling.

  • Help your preschoolers remember the person or pet animal. Our team at Renanim Preschool And Summer Camp advises you against avoiding making any mention of the one who died. Recalling happy memories about the person or pet and sharing them actually helps activate positive feelings.

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