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How a Jewish Educational System Shape a Modern Child of America (Part II)


Early childhood education exposes our beloved sons and/or daughters to the Jewish education. This exposure could result in lifetime opportunities and learning.

Here are 3 other ways on how a Jewish educational system shapes a modern American child:

  • Reviving traditions
    The clay Shabbat candlestick is one of the most significant objects in our Jewish preschool. And of course, who could ever forget the loaves of lumpy challah that we serve weekly?

    These ritual objects are what our students bring back home. Oftentimes, this helps the family start a new tradition. Would it not be a beautiful portrait when it is your little son or daughter that enables you to go back to the Jewish tradition you stopped observing for a long time?

    Even if it does not go that far, the mentioned Jewish ritual objects will be a conversation starter. It is a good way to share precious moments and memories with your child as well as present to them how you keep these traditions. Other than that, they can also learn valuable lessons through of your talk.

  • Finding good friends
    If you think preschool is an environment where children are restricted to unleash the childishness in them, then you are wrong. In fact, preschool is the safest environment they can nourish their inner curiosity and add up to their learning.

    Here, they can also socialize with other kids and form a bond called friendship. And since we need to supervise these kids when they go out and play, it would be the finest opportunity for the parents to hang out and make new friends too.

    When you get to know other families who are as equally interested in getting their kids a Jewish education as you, you would be open to more possibilities and experiences. You can talk about issues, resources, as well as other stuff to help not just your kids but also yourself grow.

  • Helping the kids become resilient
    There is a recent study that concluded in an unexpected source of resilience in children. A psychologist by the name of Sarah Duke worked with children who have had learning disabilities. She noticed that the more these kids knew their family history; they are more capable of facing challenges and conquer setbacks in life and in school.

Deciding which preschool to enroll your child into is a tough choice for parents. And if you choose to consider sending them to a Jewish preschool, the number of school narrows. But there is a Preschool in Riverdale, New York that integrates Jewish culture in their education system and that school is Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp.

Jewish preschools can help your children reconnect with their Jewish roots. It serves as a catapult for their successes in kindergarten and in the future. Reconnect your child with their roots. Enroll them at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp. Visit our website at www.renanimmanhattanpreschool.com.

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