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How To Get Your Kids Ready for Preschool

child playing his building blocks

As parents, you want what is best for your kid/s and getting them into preschool is one way to start it. We all see a bright future ahead of our kids and if you are considering to start early childhood education, then you are a smart parent!

Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, where parents recommend as the finest preschool in Riverdale, New York, believes that bring your children to school early gives your children the edge among other children in class. They are much more prepared to be in school than those who start late.

However, preschool is a venture that your kids also have to prepare for. You can teach your kids these learning habits using these strategies.

Practice your child to read everyday at the age of six months. Their linguistic capabilities are developing from 0-2 years old so this time is crucial for their learning. This can be very helpful for your child because of the repetition that also helps develop the hearing ability of a child. This can improve her on both comprehension and listening skills. You can do this spontaneously like when tucking them for an afternoon nap or giving them bedtime stories. It should come out naturally in order not to give them the impression of a stressful education.

Use objects and visuals
Objects and visuals are helpful for starters of education. Visuals are the first things they can easily relate to before they can associate them with words. Showing the objects and repeating their names practices the audio-visual complex of your child which can really benefit a child’s memory.

Devote small outdoor trips
Quality time with your child/children outdoors can inspire them to go outside the house giving them the routine like that of going to school. Spending time with your kids also improve your relationship with them. Zoos, parks, and museums can encourage them to explore the outside world and be fascinated with different things outside the four corners of the house.

Exercise sounds, gestures and rhythmic songs
Kid-glove songs, nursery rhymes, and lullabies are very common among parents for their children’s everyday intake. The sounds that they hear and the language that they acquire are crucial to their learning.. Some kids love to sing together with it and learn lessons from kids TV shows as well.

Carry children’s books or writing materials
And when you are spending time outdoors, you can also bring their books and writing materials to give them a fresh setting of where they can do the visual reading and writing. In time, this can help them adjust easily to different setting changes in the future (i.e. going to preschool in Riverdale, New York).

Limit television/gadgets
This has been the problem for the present generation. Parents should try their best to limit their absolution to television and gadgets. Studies show that kids should be exposed to technologies only at the age of 12 years old. These technologies can help but if unprotected too much, there are different repercussions too.

If you have done all these, then your kids are ready for Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp! We are the finest preschool in Riverdale, New York for children 2 to 5 years of age in preparation for kindergarten!

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