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Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp: A Dash of Fun and a Pint of Learning

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Summer is the perfect time to rest and relax. Most students and young children normally start learning something new during summer. After all, summer is also considered the perfect time to learn and acquire new skills and hobbies.

This is why most families send their kids to summer camp. In summer camps, your child will be taught while playing and meeting with new friends. You have to take note that summer camps are not only for school children. Summer camps are also good for children who are just attending preschool.

You can enroll your kids in a summer school to ensure that their summertime is enjoyable and well-spent. What are the advantages of enrolling your child in the summer school nearest you? Here are five of the most wonderful benefits that your child will get from a summer school:

  1. Activities in summer camp are structured in such a way that your child is unplugged from technology.
    Most families nowadays find it hard to take the TV, mobile phones, and gadgets away from their kids. But when there are activities that will gain the attraction of the child, letting these go will be easier for them. Also, when kids are not always watching TV or playing video games, they will rediscover their creative mind and harness their potential.
  2. Summer camp teaches kids to be more independent.
    Since there are no parents during summer camps, kids get to exercise making personal decisions, without the intervention of parents and teachers. With their activities, they will learn to choose between the options that are available to them, and will help them develop an analytic mind.
  3. Reconnect with nature and the environment.
    When kids attend school, it is usually within the confines of an indoor setting. This indoor life is somewhat limiting because of the minimal options for experiences and activities. With summer camps, your child will be able to experience and engage nature and the real environment.
  4. Children can develop productive hobbies and even essential life skills.
    Camps normally provide activities and facilities that will help children discover the things that they are good at, may it be a sport, an artistic talent, or an adventurous spirit.
  5. A summer camp is a place where you will meet people and develop friendships.
    Anyone who has been to a summer camp at least once in their lives normally always leave the camp, but not without gaining friends who they’ll share a strong bond with.

Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, a Preschool in Manhattan, New York provides the right dash of fun and a pint of learning all in one summer. Call us today.

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