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Strategies for Surviving Holiday Travel with Your Kids

Traveling is a must for people who live far away and are looking forward to spending the holidays with the rest of their family members. However, many individuals consider traveling with their little ones as one of the “worst things to ever do.” While we at Renanim Preschool And Summer Camp completely understand this―after all, busy airports, last-minute flight cancellations, and disrupted routines typically do not make for a good time―why not try to make the most out of holiday traveling with your kids instead?

Here are some tips from your reliable preschool in Manhattan, New York on how you can survive holiday travel with your kids:

  • Make sure it’s the right timing.

    Just like what we normally do in our child care in Riverdale, New York, making sure that you are timing things right is probably one of the best things you can ever do when traveling with the kids. How can you do so? There are two ways. First, by timing your trip around your kids’ bedtimes or nap times and; second, by not leaving on the busiest days during the holiday. Traveling on non-peak days and making sure that your kids aren’t cranky while on board can ensure that you get to have an easy and stress-free travel.

  • Allow yourselves plenty of time.

    With holiday traveling being a busy period, your local summer camp in Briarwood, New York recommends that you allot at least 30 minutes of extra time before traveling to catch a flight or before going on a road trip. This significantly reduces your stress levels and allows you to enjoy your trip much better.

  • Pack light.

    Prioritizing only what you truly need saves you the hassle of carrying a lot of suitcases while trying to juggle kids and strollers at the same time. Remember to pack light to make things easier for your trip. The more comfortable and less stressed out you feel, the happier your children will be, too.

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