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Teaching Preschool? Challenge Accepted

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School is a necessary but undeniably difficult endeavor. It is not a surprise that many kids and parents alike find it so much of a challenge that they exhaust all efforts to make the start much easier for the young ones. Kids face new people and is placed in a particularly unfamiliar surrounding that they are expected to adjust to. Parents constantly worry if their children are properly cared for and are learning well.

But do you know that teachers in preschool also face a good deal of challenge on their plates? Yes, you got that right. Regardless of the school level, whether primary, college, middle school, or even preschool, teaching is one of the most difficult professions there is. And yet, it proves to be one of the most fulfilling.

What are the challenges that preschool teachers face and experience?

  1. Maintain order in class.
    Preschool teachers deal with children aged 2 to 5 years old. At this age, kids love to play. Kids love to run around even when you are discussing something or even telling a story. Sometimes, them running around cause chaos in class, and might cause other children to play around as well.
  2. Maintain the focus and attention of children during lessons.
    Kids have very minimal attention spans. According to scientific studies, they will only focus on you and whatever you are saying or demonstrating for a good 15 minutes before they lose interest and attend to another activity. Teachers should always plan out their activities in a manner that will allow the children to learn, without having them lose interest easily.
  3. Develop independence in children.
    Children are heavily dependent on adults, usually their parents or teachers, for help in practically everything that they do. In preschool, reading, writing, and basic math are introduced to the children. Since it is something new to them, they will have to rely on the guidance and help of the teacher for them to effectively learn. What the teacher does to ensure that they learn and they develop a strong foundation for learning will determine the kind of students they will be along their entire academic journey.

In Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, we believe that providing our teachers with the right knowledge and skills are essential so that we can give your children the right guidance for their academic preparation.

Our preschool in Briarwood, New York holds firmly that your child’s education is a constant work in progress between your family, our school, and our teachers. Let us continually help each other.

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