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The Importance of Playing in Preschool in Your Child’s Life and Education

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Playing is one of the biggest source of development for young kids. When you let your little kids play, you are giving them unlimited possibilities to explore and learn. However, playing is more productive when they are surrounded with their peers and is monitored and guided with a teacher that is knowledgeable about a child’s development. This is the main reason why your child should be attending a high-quality preschool, like Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp.

Kinds of Play Kids Do in Preschool

  • Physical Play
    Physical play uses the whole body to perform activities that will help the overall physical development of a child. Any kind of physical play, including bicycling, playing balls, hoops, jumping ropes, and running, will help develop a child’s motor skills, strengthen their bones and muscles, and improve their coordination. Being physically active will also promote their mental health, prevent certain diseases, and will prepare them in becoming future athletes.
  • Creative Play

    Preschool unleashes a child’s inner artistry by letting them do arts and crafts using various art materials, such as watercolour, paint, markers, crayons, clay, pencils, etc. They will be able to use and enhance their imagination by being liberated in creating their own arts and learning to be more creative in the process. They will also be able to share their creative ideas and learn more artistic skills from their teacher and peers in preschool.

  • Dramatic Play

    Kids love stories! Whether it’s in film, storybooks, or their parents’ improvised bedtime tales, children love to listen and get involved in fantasy storytelling. Preschool takes advantage of this by letting kids perform in dramatic plays, complete with costumes, imaginary settings, and roles they will enjoy to play. Dramatic plays will enhance the child’s creativity, social skills, and, more importantly, self-confidence.

  • Educational Play

    Preschool promotes learning through playing so kids will be taught to use and develop their cognitive skills while having fun in the process. The teacher will teach them basic maths, play puzzles, build their fantasy worlds with Legos, and let them listen and share their own stories on circle time.

Benefits of Playing for Little Kids

  • Physical
    Playing improves the development of gross and fine motor skills. When children are free and encouraged to play outdoors, they will confidently take on new challenges and explore the world around them. Through playing and handling objects, toddlers and pre-schoolers will learn to use their hands and fingers, which will be helpful in building the strength and coordination they will use in practising their writing skills.
  • Social

    Playing will teach them how to deal with their peers, listen and share ideas. This will be a strong foundation for learning problem solving and negotiating with peers. Through playing in groups, children will also build positive leadership skills and be a good team member.

  • Emotional

    Kids are naturally egocentric and prone to throwing tantrums when they don’t get what they want. Through playing with other kids, they will be able to adapt to the idea that kids have differences in attitude and personality and will eventually learn to deal with it.

  • Communication

    Through playing, kids will learn the ability to express and explain themselves. The teachers will also help develop their language by teaching them words and phrases that they can use to get what they want and need. The children will then be able to express their like or dislike on certain objects or events and chat with their peers in complete sentences.

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