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Three Tips for a Fun Easter Egg Hunt with Children


For young children, Easter can only be Easter if there is egg hunt. Easter egg hunt for older children is full of clues and maps; however, for toddlers, it has to be a little easier. Whether you have decided to host an Easter egg hunt for five or twenty children, planning the activity is more than just throwing the eggs out on the lawn for toddlers to find. Although this might work, you want the activity to be all fun!

Make the Necessary Preparations

Your Easter eggs can either be plastic or real ones. It is just imperative to ensure you have the supplies ready in advance. Make sure that you have enough eggs. A dozen per child is a great goal. If you decide to decorate and hide real eggs, try to have a few small prizes to give away to kids. Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp, a preschool in Riverdale, New York, wants to suggest filling the plastic eggs with candies, small toys, stickers, beads, or numbers which correspond to bigger prizes like chocolate bunnies, stuffed animals, or some cute accessories.

Hide the Easter Eggs Based on Age Groups

In case you are inviting both younger and older children to the egg hunt, consider dividing your yard into a couple of zones so you have a choice where to hide the eggs based upon age groups. Make sure you don’t make it hard for younger children to have a good find. Leave the eggs on open places or in low branches. For older children, you can make the hunt a bit difficult. Perfect spots to hide Easter eggs for them include in drain spouts, under leaves, or in the mailbox. Making the Easter hunt challenging for older kids provides them more enjoyment.

In addition, you can make the hunt a team effort. Consider pairing the children with grown-ups. The Easter egg hunt should only end when the last egg is found. So make sure that you count the number of eggs you hide. To ensure all your guests find a fair amount, you can divide the kids by age. Also, you can assign every age group a color to find if you have a limited space.

Set Ground Rules

To ensure that everybody has a great time, it is imperative to set rules you should tell the kids before the hunt.

  • Set boundaries. This is necessary so that the children will know where they can look for eggs. For example, you do not hide the eggs past a fence.
  • Inform them the numbers. In case the kids are allowed to find a particular number of eggs, inform them in advance.
  • Ensure safety. You can make it a rule not to let hunters run.

Easter egg hunting is an activity that improves a lot of a child’s skills. Our preschool can help your child develop and discover more skills. Call us at 212-750-2266.

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