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What Do Your Kids Get Out of Attending Summer Camps? (Part One)

Many parents believe that sending their children to a summer camp in Briarwood, New York does not benefit their little ones at all. Well, let us set the record straight: there are several benefits that your young kids can get out of having an enjoyable summer camp experience! Read on to know how attending summer camps can contribute to your children’s growth.

First and foremost, summer camps serve as a learning experience for your kids. While we at Renanim Preschool And Summer Camp do admit that your young ones also get to socialize with their peers at school, summer camps provide your children with a flexible program that allows them to find their respective unique interests and to keep enjoying them. Camps may not be a formal learning institution, but because they offer a diverse variety of activities to accommodate all kinds of hobbies and interests, your children get to learn educational and lifelong skills during their stay. Even if their interests revolve around things that are outside of the main academic curriculum, campers continue to develop physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially since they learn to work with one another, build relationships, and manage any conflict that may arise in the pursuit of their own interests.

As a provider of exceptional child care in Riverdale, New York, trust us when we say that summer camps also re-introduce your kids to nature. Studies show that approximately ninety percent of today’s children are sedentary and spending most of their time indoors, so by allowing your young ones to spend time at camp, you’re giving them the perfect opportunity to get reacquainted with the outside world.

Moreover, as a quality preschool in Manhattan, New York, sending your children to a structured environment that offers them regular enrichment over the school break helps curb summer learning loss. There are other benefits as well to permitting your kids to have a summer school experience, so stay tuned for the others in our next blog article.

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