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What Do Your Kids Get Out of Attending Summer Camps? (Part Two)


As a quality preschool in Manhattan, New York, we have encountered many parents (and even guardians!) who are concerned about whether or not sending their little ones to summer camps can benefit their charges at all. If you are one of them, worry not because having an enjoyable summer camp experience has already been proven to contribute to your children’s personal development. We have provided in our previous blog article the first part of the list of benefits that your kids can attain from attending camp. But if you want to know the rest, read further to know what comprises the complete list.

Allowing your children to attain a summer camp in Briarwood, New York enhances their self-esteem and instills in them a sense of independence as they tackle various activities at camp that push them out of their comfort zone and move them to work through feelings of homesickness and solitude. This is particularly true for sheltered and overprotected kids since camp provides them with a supervised and supportive environment where they can freely learn and develop their capabilities away from home. It also models healthy living since many camps make it a point to offer healthier and wholesome food choices for their campers, aside from keeping the latter busy and physically active with their many different camp activities.

Furthermore, as any dependable provider of child care in Riverdale, New York will tell you, summer camps also do a good job of teaching your children that it is okay to fail while helping them recognize their limits and encouraging them to overcome their weaknesses. Clearly, summer camps are a valuable resource for enabling and empowering them to become contributing, caring, and responsible individuals in life.

If the above list still did not convince you as to the benefits of sending your kids to a summer camp, our staff at Renanim Preschool And Summer Camp would be happy to accommodate you and answer any concerns you may have. Call or visit us today.

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