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What we Consider to Promote Differentiated Instruction

What we Consider to Promote Differentiated Instruction

It is so annoying to be compared to other people especially when you know you are different from them. You have your own experiences. You know things they do not know yet. And do not get us started with schooling and the system of education.

Whenever it comes to a particular subject, we cannot avoid but hate the teacher who always pinpoints or calls his or her favorite in the class whenever a question has been asked. It even makes you wonder what you are here in class for. This practice in the teaching profession should never be patronized.

Every learner is unique.

For that reason, our Preschool in Riverdale, New York is promoting what we call differentiated instruction to our learners. Instead of giving them the same set of exams or activity, Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp gives tasks that yield to equity.

We believe in the diversity of students. Some are advance while some are slow in catching up the lessons. But we strongly believe that no one is fool and dumb. That is why we provide guidance and attention to the different learning needs of each of our students.

How do we do that? Our teachers consider the following in planning for the tasks and activities for the children:

  • Multiple Intelligence

    We believe in the idea brought by the Theory of Multiple Intelligence by Howard Gardner. Gardner believes that there are learners who can be:

    • Smart when dealing with notes, instruments and pitch
    • Mathematically or logically good
    • Linguistically gifted
    • Known for their good relationship with other people
    • Good at examining their own self
    • A lover of nature
    • A kid who is good at moving around
    • Talented at working with images

    Since we know your child is unlike any other, he or she may have an innate hatred towards or may not be good at a particular field but may fancy the idea of being in another field.

    We give significance to seeing our children smile as they perform specific tasks that are expected of them to complete. That is why we incorporate the things that spark their interest in our everyday activities.

  • Learning Style

    Learning style refers to the method that helps a learner learn swiftly. Every child has a different learning style. We devote ourselves knowing if our student here in our Preschool in Riverdale, New York is more of an auditory learner, a visual learner or a tactile or kinesthetic learner.

    It is really paramount to focus on understanding how each of our learners learns. If the child is an auditory learner, he or she can grasp information easily when they engage in listening activities like singing or listening to music. When it comes to visual learners, they can easily get to know the lesson well when pictures are shown. For tactile and kinesthetic students, it is undeniably better to give them something to maneuver.

    These ideas are exceptionally helpful for teachers and parents. These will not just give them the idea of who their child is but also aids them in understanding their youngster more.

  • Learner’s Background

    The staffs here at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp are dedicated in collaborating with the children’s parents. If we do so, we can be on par with the learner’s interest, readiness and learning profile.

    It is actually noteworthy for a teacher to differentiate his or her strategies and activities according to the readiness of the child. Aside from that, we can also be given a warning on who needs further attention and guidance.

Our Preschool in Riverdale, New York wants to be the second family of your child. We would like to help in any way we could to nurture the abilities of your child. Of course you, dear parents, must understand the needs of your kid in the first place.

Let us stay positive and together let us witness how your child grows with wisdom and courage. Enroll your child now at Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp and witness the beauty of differentiated instruction.


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