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When Jewish Education and Preschool Education Meets

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By witnessing the struggles and the different dilemmas in the community, the pressing and anticipating questions are: What can the future generation do? What will become of them? Will they make a big and positive difference to our world?

We cannot really deny that in the high level of society, there can be monsters who can manipulate the little ones. These monsters are capable of creating ogres out of these young individuals and we do not want that. But this is preventable through education!

Why is that? It is because education promotes positive outcomes. It is a cliché though, but do believe us when we say that education is extremely important to the lives of anyone.

Renanim Preschool and Summer Camp is a strong believer of the fact that education is the foundation of what the future generation will be like. This Preschool in Manhattan, New York is widely known for its American-and-Jewish-inspired kind of education.

When Jewish Education and Preschool Education Intertwines

If you were to combine Jewish and Preschool education, what would likely happen? How will it differ from the rest of the preschool education known to all of us? What is their goal and what do they do in order to achieve that goal?

  • Values will be introduced
    As a Preschool in Manhattan, New York, we proudly recognize that aside from the fundamental skills one needs to attain, molding a child at his or her early age is equally important. So we encourage our young learners to be God-fearing and compassionate. Aside from that, we also promote making them a tree hugger and a good citizen.
    All of this we do so that we can possibly define and help our learners out as they grow up to be a person who we will be needed in this world. We despise monsters in our nation. We should prepare and develop the character of our children as early as possible for the brighter future of our nation.
  • Skills will be acquired
    According to the History of Jewish Education by Nathan Drazin, Jewish education is essentially synonymous with character education. We believe that incorporating Jewish studies in early childhood years is fundamental before we introduce the young learners to various skills.
    Jewish studies focus on values and character formation of a kid to prepare him or her for the future and into their workplace.
  • The child will be equipped with needed attitude
    John Locke, the most influential man when it comes to educationalist theory, once said that the exemplary kind of education could inculcate strong moral sense. That can mean in particular, that a kid needs to be taught wisdom, breeding, virtue and learning.
    In the “Educationalists” point of view, a child was born as “blank slates.” This means that his or her life begins morally fair or neutral. So, we grab this point in your child’s being as it can be an extremely good period of time to instill a potentially lasting moral effect.
  • God’s teachings will be integrated
    In our Preschool in Manhattan, New York, we see to it that our strategies and activities can cater the wisdom and words of God. By allowing your child to understand their connection to our Lord, the young learner can do his or her best without comparing themselves to another person. With this, the little angel could learn and reflect their capability.
    In Jewish studies, God wants us to do our unsurpassed things according to our own ability. We are not developing ourselves by competition. The goal is not to be better from the other people. We try to integrate these notions to the early years of your child. He or she will possibly stretch himself or herself and can fulfill and realize his or her own distinct and unique potential.

Let us educate our youngsters well with the gifts of God. Enroll your child here in our Preschool in Manhattan, New York so that the little warrior and bringer of hope will be prepared to set off into the world that is full of possibilities.

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